BSBingo TM (PalmOS)

by Mohan Embar

BSBingo is the perfect corporate productivity tool for staying conscious during meetings you'd otherwise fall asleep in. This version is for PalmOS and will eventually be rereleased as BYOBingo. Check out the Win32/WinCE version too!

How to Play

Every time someone uses one of the words in the lefthand list, you select it, which fills in a square on the bingo board. When you get bingo by filling in five squares across, down or diagonally, you stand up and yell Bingo! or Bull---- or something similar.
While playing, you can tap on a square on the board to see what word goes there. You can also unselect a word from the lefthand list if you selected it by mistake.



The Game/Options menu lets you choose the Bingo message (Bingo! or Bull---- - spelled out completely).

If the Random Board checkbox is checked, a new board is generated as the start of each new game. (This is useful for competition play.) If the Random Board checkbox is unchecked, the same board is generated each time. (Useful for team play where everyone stands up and shouts when they win.)

Custom Word Lists

You can create custom word lists for BSBingo. You can have several word lists (i.e. technical meetings, managerial, team builder...). You create these word lists as normal memos in MemoPad. The first line of the memo should start with /@-BSBingo:<title> (without the quotes), where <title> is the title of your word list (i.e. Technical, Managerial). The title line must be followed by precisely 25 lines, one word per line. You load a word list in BSBingo using Game/Load Word List. The titles appear as items in the list, with the addition of the BSBingo default word list. This release has a limit of 24 custom word lists.

Comments? / Suggestions?

Contact me.

Usage Terms and Conditions

BSBingo is written as a personal project by Mohan Embar. He has made this program available for download on this website under the following terms and conditions. Usage of this program indicates your acceptance of the following license conditions. If you do not agree with these terms, you may not use this program.

This program is PropagandaWare. If you continue using this program seven days after the first use, you agree to visit the following websites:

You are exempt from this agreement if you do not have Internet access.

Permission is granted to any individual or institution to copy or redistribute this software provided that:

  • it is not altered in any way
  • it is not sold for profit
  • this copyright notice is displayed
  • if made available for download on a non-FTP web page, that a link be made to whenever possible

This program comes with no warranties, either express or implied. In no event will the copyright holder be liable from any damages resulting from the use of this software.

Developed in C++ using the GNU prc-tools 0.5.0.


If you agree to these terms, you may download the program.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you uninstall any previous version before installing the program.

You can either download a zipfile or the individual files.

Zip File

Individual Files


Revision Notes


  • Released under new creator ID BBNG.


(Thanks to Kelly Holford for the last two suggestions.)

  • Released under new creator ID BSBG.
  • Sort list in alphabetical order.
  • Added new option to randomize board.


Initial revision.