Why Mohan?

Why choose me, Mohan Embar, instead of the myriad other people you could choose, especially since I might be pricier than others?

I'm admittedly biased, but here are my reasons:

  • My credentials are pretty impressive. What's more, very few people with my technical prowess have the oral and written communications skills I have. And even fewer of those enjoy interacting with clients and taking the time to truly listen to them, understand them, and then meet their needs.
  • I am honest, ethical and down-to-earth. I keep my promises and don't make promises I can't keep.
  • I'm a native English speaker and a U.S. citizen: born, bred and based in the United States. If you're American, you'll have absolutely no culture, comprehension or Intellectual Property issues with me. (If you're a Brit, know that I've frequented and have friends on your side of the pond too. :) )
  • I have extensive international experience (see my résumé (CV)) as well as exposure to a wide variety of clients and projects. This often gives me the ability to step back and see things from different perspectives.
  • For the price you pay for my services, you'll feel very pampered and taken-care-of. That's why people keep coming back to me.
  • I'm essentially a one-person operation. I have absolutely no plans to hire new full-time employees or grow my company in that sense. As such, I'm very realistic about the scope of projects I'm able to take on and will touch things "the big guys" might balk at. What's more:
    • I'm not money-hungry. I've eschewed situations when I was employed at other consulting companies where they told me I'd get a percentage of the take of every consultant I'd place with a client. (How can one possibly focus objectively on a client's real needs with that kind of financial temptation singing its siren song in your head? No thanks.)
    • I never artificially inflate a project's scope in order to rake in more cash. (How ridiculous! When I finish a project on time in a straightforward manner, I invariably get more work. If not from that client, then from another.)
    • I don't have to protect others in my own company or uphold the company's "party line". It's just me. (As such, I'm an ideal candidate for reality and sanity checks when other consulting companies are involved, though I enjoy these sort of watchdog roles less than actually accomplishing things.)
  • I'm results-oriented, not technology-oriented. If the obvious solution involves someone or something else other than me, I'll say it without hesitation. (I know there will always be more work.)
    An anecdote: a project manager in a department of a client I was working at excitedly called me and said they had a year-end budget surplus and had n hours to spend on an enhancement to code I had written for them. I told them that the enhancement wouldn't take more than a couple of hours and apologized and said I couldn't oblige them as far as spending all of their money was concerned. (I could have dreamt up other enhancements to that code, but I felt it would be irresponsible to compromise its stability, despite their enthusiasm.)
  • I am honest about where my heart is: I want to help people who put their trust in me while at the same time supporting my lifestyle, which among other things, involves having no affiliations to anyone other than myself. Given that I have my own passions and interests (both programming and non-programming), I can't promise you that I will get excited about your project. I do promise, however, that since you put your trust in me, I will be passionate, excited and enthusiastic about helping you, making you look good and helping you be successful and achieve your goals. That's the real reason I'm doing this.